DoubleZ Server

Administrators don’t know their own rules and play favorites. When I questioned them about the rules they wouldn’t give me any clear answer and resorted to cursing and crude language, suggesting they don’t know their own rules. We both started getting aggravated, both administrators and two players raided my base. They force spawned me in the same spot over and over, killing me about 13 times to make “their point.” Overall the server was okay, but admins play favorites and need to rewrite and fully understand their rules. Rather than resolve an issue, they threaten to raid your base. They are very rude and showed me no courtesy. They need to figure out how to resolve an issue instead of killing someone over and over.

Guys built stairs on the side of my house to the second floor.

Rules that were broken:

Number 5:No random structures(if you aren’t living there don’t build there)
So building a random foundation, pillars and a staircase onto a structure that wasn’t theirs in order to gain entry is a direct violation.

Number 7:No base Take-overs( you cannot place a door on a structure you don’t own. This includes ALL types of entry.)
So building an entry into my house is also a direct violation of this rule.

Why have rules if the admin wont reenforce it?