Douchebags of skyrim [an interactive comic]

So I’ve decided to make another interactive comic. This time in the universe of skyrim! If you haven’t seen any of my previous interactives. here’s a link to my last one. (Cuz alot of people are sceptical to interactives)

You know the drill. Pick one of the alternatives.
I’ll make a more fancy looking inventory later on. Probably.

Go out into the wilderness and adventure.

Pillage a village while your at it.

Go out into the wild. Man, fuck those people in need.

Are they dragonborn? If yes, go out and kill a few dragons just by shouting.

Probably should have mentioned. No they are not dragonborn.

Okay go out into the wild, and kill a few dragons with their bare fists.

By the way, can I have a download link for the skyrim models?

Go out in the wild

So my body finally realized I have been up for 26 hours. I’ll continue this once I wake up. I know it’s shitty when interactives aren’t updated often. but those of you who read my last one knows I usually update rather quickly. Stay tuned!

I will absolutely love anyone who comments after me, so I can bump once I get the next part ready.

Do number one.

Go out in the wilderness and kill some rabbits. They’re evil I tell you!

90% of my time in ArmA 2


Dammit Hairybastard 60 people have posted make us the picture already. >:C

Yay finally an update. Sorry for the long and huge strip… I’ll make it a bit more pleasent next time :v:

Now choose!

Accept it.

Accept without question

Accept, then pickpocket her.

  1. Decline then kill her just like I did with that redguard bitch in Whiterun

It makes no sense… why is she complaining about the arrow killing the guy when she shot the arrow at him ._.

Oh, right. I thought the arrow was carrying the note. Silly me.
Well, accept, obviously. But ask her why he wants her killed.

Decline, and go to Sven Hurnings house and ask him if he killed him, if he have, accept the quest.

No. Kill her and steal her house and objects.