Dovahkiin at the Bar

**Possible parts of Skyrim main quest spoiler regarding some shouts you will learn in the game. Read if you dAaAaArRrReEeEerrerr.**

And so Dovahkiin went off to sell goats to giants and marry witches and trolls

What map is that anyway?

I was guessing rp_mountainvillage, but it’s not that map. I don’t know.

Now PLEEEEAAAASEEE someone tell me, will the Skyrim models be released? Or at least just Odahviing?

He’s so cute.

First part is the night version of rp_mountainvillage. Second is rp_lakeland.

Male argonians will be released soonish. If you really want Odahviing, you can have my quickly rigged basic version (since it was just made for the comic) until some possible pack is released whenever. Foldable wings via finger poser.

Hnngh, i’d kill to have my guy ported.

Good luck with the model pack though.

have you made a alduin model yet?