Dovakhiin (dragonborn) model?

Can someone make a Dragonborn model which was on Skyrim Trailer?

You mean a Nord wearing Iron Armor.

Hes called Dovakhiin anyway :wink:

Its like Rusty said

I see you corrected yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a pretty nice idea for a video, so thats why i need a Dovakhiin model on Gmod, and many people may want one too :smiley:

Ah, the classic.
“I have a nice idea for a video but I need someone to port/make a me a model(s), instead of using already existing resources like most normal people”.

I have no idea what you mean with that…

It’s fairly common for a person to register on these forums to request for someone to make or port him/her a model because they have cool idea for a video.

Instead of coming up with something that they can use materials already at hand.

I just found this site, and i was asking , and i ALSO said that other people may want it too >.>

You’re in the wrong section you want Models/skin requests

Doubt you’re the first to want this however.

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If it’s so easy you aughta do it, lotsa people wanting this so you’d get some praise

Where’d you get the idea that it’s easy and that I port models?

Its pretty hard to make models, when i tried to start at one, i just said f*ck it and rage quit :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re never going to learn anything if you rage quit whenever you find something too hard. If you need help, you could either ask the community for help, or look for tutorials on what you’re stuck at.

Also, facepunch is not a place for text chat such as “:P”. Just saying.

Why’s that?

You guys here is too serious, not place for saying “:P”?
Thats just idiotic >_>

Most people just frown upon seeing them here. That’s what I’ve seen.

How do you know that they’re frowning if they don’t use emotes?

I didn’t mean they literally frown. What I’m trying to say is that most people on facepunch are not big fans of using text chat here.

How the hell am I supposed to take your post seriously if you end it with a “:p”?

Facepunch, not Facebook.