Doves And Pines

I decided to make a TF2 scenebuild. Took me about two hours. It was really helpful that the newest GM_Flatgrass has a skybox now.

The lack of faceposing and aliasing makes it look pretty funny.

Well the new faceposing stuff in the newest gmod made me want to do anything BUT facepose. But yeah, it does look funny. I could probably edit it since it’s saved.

Oh jesus turn off the bloom.

it actually looks really good just up your graphics and tune the faceposing

I’m sorry, it took 2 hours to make?

It’s a very well populated scene build.

Fun Fact: Only 1/3 of the props in this screenshot is actually shown.

So then why place so many if they’re not all shown?

I don’t think it’s as bad as it could be. I’m just glad that people are still showing an interest in gmod posing.

Up those graphics though. The lack of anti-aliasing does damage the quality.

Because I overwork scenes way too much to the point where I am like “Okay, worked for over two hours on this and over 3/4 of the scene won’t be seen, but who gives a crap, this angle is good.”.
I lost the save awhile ago, I would’ve put up a picture showing an aerial view of the scenebuild.