DoW II Ports?

I’ve played DoW II and i think it’s an average game but could someone port the DoW II Space Marines? It would be cool if you’d do the weapons too but i just want the Space Marines. Also could you make the 2 Versions of Space Marines? One model with hacked male heads on them and a separate helmet and one model with helmet attached to the suit. Also when the Chaos Rising expansion releases could someone please port the Chaos marines too? With also hacked male heads on them but with scars and a bit Chaosy? If anyone would do this i would be thankful.

Reference Pics




^ Techmarine.


So is anyone gonna make this? Or take it into Consideration?

You gotta be patient mane

I would love to see that apothecary ported, I love those.

Also could someone port the Dreadnought in the second pic?