DOW2 Models

I was finally able to get models out of Dawn of War 2. I’m working with fury_161 to get all the ragdolls working properly here’s an early screenshot of a wraithlord in HLMV.

Current conversion plans are the Wraithlord, some Imperial guardsmen, Chaos/SM Dreadnought. Requests are welcome, but no guarantee we’ll get to them anytime soon.

All of my current progress is available though SVN here:

No username or password needed.

Also other WiP Pictures are available here:

Both will be periodically updated.

That’s just awesome.

That is the best suggestion yet!

I would love any of the Tyranids.

Wow cool

Fucking awesome.

imperial guard have already been done by some of the best.

WOW THAT’S SO COOL, WHERE ARE THE LI-oh wait, they don’t release their shit to the public, so gives a fucking shit.

Okie doke, just about done, obviously the size isn’t final yet.

Mind you, they’re actually being worked on(I’ve remade some parts of the models, LT_C did some re-texturing), and the release is going to be pretty soon. But pretty nice seeing somebody else working on DoW2 stuff aswell.

Why’s he wearing a loincloth? It doesn’t even cover his robo-loins.

Fury what do you mean the size isn’t done, isn’t that how tall it’s supposed to be? It’s larger than the infantry eldar from what I can remember

Absolutely awesome man, can’t wait for more. I’d love to see a fully-upgraded Chaos Warlord if you’ve got the time and patience :smiley:

The wraithlord isn’t infantry, it’s the mech for the Eldar. I think it should be somewhere around 1.5x it’s current height.

I know the wraithlord isn’t infantry, i meant by that that is is quite taller then the regular eldar

That looks spectacular, just kinda curious as to what the heck it IS.

Eldar (basically space elves) “Wraithlord” It’s a mech in which their spirits inhabit, or something.

Dreadnought is just about done, just needs a few minor tweaks and to finish the variants (venerable and assault cannon)

Does that really matter?