DOW2 Space Marine Dreadnought

Comes with several body groups to switch the right arm with an assault cannon or multi-melta. Has additional body groups that add venerable armor and a grenade launcher.

Relic Entertainment for the original model and textures.
Rigging, Ragdoll, and Edited Textures: myself
Special Thanks to: fury_161 for modeling assistance

Included in the downloads is a custom kit that which has Photoshop files of the textures that will make it easy for you to create your own chapter skin.

Also please note at all the download links provided here are compiled as their own models and are in no way dependent on each other.

Gonna knock off a few before they even start.

Q: Why didn’t you make my favorite space marine chapter?
A: Because I made a DiY kit for you to “DO IT YOURSELF”

Q: You skinned Space Wolves, Dark Angels, or Blood Ravens wrong!
A: I don’t care. If you don’t like them make your own skin. My focus is on the model, not the textures.

Q: Can you release the skin I made on it’s own model?
A: Yes I am willing to compile additional models for people skins provided they do a good job. PM me if you want me to compile an additional model for you.

Q: When will you be releasing the space marines?
A: Soon. (consult Valve Time chart for translation.)


nice work
i especially like the green one

Awesome! AND a DIY kit!

Hell yeah!!!

Bloody awesome!

DOWNLOADED wooo freaking kick ass

It’s pretty neat , only problem is the arms are very stiff , i can’t really bend them much.

Ya same. Need more room to be able to rotate a bit.

Yeah after watching the dreadnought move around for about and hour and a half in DOW2, I realized that the fore arms should be able to rotate up and down a bit, which I missed. I’ll fix that, make him a little more flexible overall, and with some other additions that I want to do. It will be re-released when I finish all (or most of) the space marine stuff.

Hi, I’m sorry to ask, but could you post a mirror from a different website? and I are having some issues, but I’ve been following your progress and I would really like to download these. I’m a huge 40k nerd (fan, zealot, etc.).

Too bad this always makes you look like a pirate.

You can easily get them from his SVN