Down Under United.

Hey Guys were a new community just starting out,

if your interested in joining a new community visit the following links

information for the server follows in the banners…

We also have a team speak server, the ip is…

So come along and join us, we are an aussie group, yes other countries are welcome to.
We have a new gaming mode that will be released to the public soon, for now it is a closed beta if you would like to apply to try it out you can do so on the forums. More information for the gamemode will be on the forums in a later date.

Special thanks to Jamie from that help get this community started by providing servers.(Please note he does not provide the fretta server, and it is a locally hosted server and is unstable because of it)

Thank-you and good night

Tashiiee-DUU Founder

I suggest you get a free SMF forum, instead of wasting 250dollars on the bulletrin if it’s going down anyway?

What… 22.50$ for a 9 slot???

I get a 40 slot for that

Cloudcube has some expensive hosting…
I mean 55$ for 20 slots?

Yeah but apparently hosting in Australia is extremely expensive anyway

I get 28 slot for 16$

the hosting is exspensive yes but even when i had the server unlocked and full of people we didnt have a single crash and we still havnt, where as the fretta server was with a cheap host and is very unstable,

Its phpbb, 100% free, when we get enough funds then we may invest in ipboard… gonna need lots of moneys though