Downed rebel in the rain V2 (same screenshot new editing)

yea its the same screenshot with new editing. i added softer rain and have atleast 4 layers of rain and attempted to do rain impacts on the objects and added a bigger wound and blood amount to sorta fit the size of the bullet holes.

This is not any better to be honest, the splashes don’t look like splashes at all, the blood is way too red and should be translucent, the rain is just the noise filter motion blurred.
Posing also bugs me for some reason. Keep trying.

well one thanks for being honest and second i will try to do better.

The rain is very excessive and the camera angle is not interesting at all.

any suggestions on how i can fix it instead of just stating the flaws?

Link is broken.

The blood is seriously too light red for a dark place.

Here’s some C&C. :slight_smile:

  • For the rain, try and tone it down a bit, and add different levels (some smaller, and some larger) so it’s given depth. But I mean REALLY tone it down a bit, 'cause it can still end up the same. For the splashes, try searching for some rain pictures for some references. But I can say they’re too pin-point like and bright. (I’m not a professional at this :v:)
  • Don’t put as many bullet holes, because it’s surprising that he only got hit once with all those bullets, as if it was one of those carnival tricks where the person throws the knives. So maybe 2-3 would suffice :).
    -The Posing is pretty good! Try and finger pose, though, and try and make sure the pose looks a bit more natural, even though he -is- dead/dying.
    -For the wound, try and make it a bit smaller, and less circular. Maybe some blood drip from gravity. Also it’s a bit too bright, especially for the background itself looking very dulled out color wise.

But great attempt, sir :D!