Download and Install Option

When I first saw Toybox, I had thought it might be a original replacement to

So I’m wondering if there’s any kind of ‘install’ option that I can use to directly implement a toybox entity/weapon into my own GMod folders. I don’t know alot about it, but I’m guessing it gets the code from the Cloud then runs it, not even downloading it directly.

So is there a way to install anything from the Toybox cloud?

well , yes , and no , for example , if you download the toybox entitie you want to use and then do spawnmenu_reload , or somthing like that , the entitie you downloaded stays in the spawn menu like an entitie installed in your addons for the session you are playing on , after that it will dissapere

You could probably swipe it with some lua hackery such as copying the temp lua file that Toybox downloads to your actual lua folder and renaming it. Shouldn’t be too hard to do. I’m sure Garry plans on adding a save feature, I agree that it would be useful.

Use Favorites feature.

Agreed, it is like saving it to your computer, in a way.

You can find it at any time, use it with easy access, ect.

Suttles always has the best ideas

What if I want to save it and install it to my server, though? I can’t really do that. Can we at least have a cvar that toggles Toybox on and off for everyone/admins only for multiplayer? It shouldn’t be that hard to do.

As far as I know, Garry has been considering this. He’s only testing with single player right now.

I believe that is part of the long term plan - a new addon system. He just started with cloudscript first.