Download Bucket Addon Loader

Horrible name, but it’s what I’m using for now.

I saw G-Addon and thought it was missing things. So I made my own that does what I would want out of that kind of program.



An interface
User can maintain a list of addons themselves and even pass it around with friends, using the handy downloads.xml file.
Mostly smart detection of garrysmod installation, but also offers manual entering of the path.
Optionally ( disabled by default ) installs the addons to your selected path, and does what it can to handle strange folder setups and loose files.
Optionally sorts loose files in downloads

Things to know:
Requires .Net 3.5
Probably requires an elevated user account or at least permission to write files
Downloads CAN fail, if the server stops responding

Source Code

I need some feedback - what works, what errors, what needs changed or fixed?

I love this kind of program, it makes installing mah stuff easier than… than…
Meh, I’ll test it.

If you want coding help just let me know.

Updated the executable and code to fix a few problems that popped up.