"Download Failed!" when loading addons into server

Okay, So I own a GMOD sandbox server, and I installed addons by doing the collection and API method. It starts loading them into the console, and around 50%, it says “Download Failed!” and goes on to another one. I need these addons on my server. I also really need help. But some addons do work. Here is a list of all the working and non working addons.

non working addons:

m9k specalties
m9k small arms pack
m9k heavy weapons
m9k assualt rifles
parakeets pill pack
call of duty SWeps
call of duty SWep Expansion Pack
bike for scars 2.0
scars basic
scars extra
scars slim
sprops workshop edition
death note
WAC aircraft
Food and household items
Payday 2 NPCs and Player Models

working addons:

melon gun
counter strike: source - realistic weapons
the ultimate admin gun fixed
climb SWEP 2
Hit Numbers
Prof laser pack outdated
adv duplicator
epic sax
extended spawnmenu
gmod legs
grand theft auto V death screen (wasted
nyan gun
rocket boots
spidermans swep


And also by the way, I used a GMA extractor and put those extracted files into my addons folder. I didn't use the GMA.
And I contacted my server host. Didn't help.

There’s a bug on srcds that prevents addons bigger than 64MB to be downloaded.

Is there ANY way to bypass/fix it?

Not really.

But you could download the addons on your client and then move them to your server ( With renaming the file from <whatever><numbers>.gma to ds<numers>.gma, or just extract the addons from .gma from client and put the folder with files into your addons on server and remove the addon from your collection.

It was appearing on my side too. I have a working solution : When you launch your server, be sure to be ingame on GarrysMod and be sure Steam is online and be sure you have bought GarrysMod. It was happening to me too. I just started Gmod from steam and the server downloaded every addons i got !

I have a hosted server, not sure if that will work…

Oh you got a hosted server ? You’re not hosting it yourself… Sorry but in this case i don’t think that will work…

If you have a hosted server, you always are given a FTP login (if you purchased your server from a legit server host at least, if your friend hosts it for you for free, I doubt you have this). Using the FTP login, you can access and modify the server files. You’d do this to edit the config files or upload addons (however, some server panels allow you to edit config online and does not require FTP).

If you have downloaded those workshop plugins yourself (on your own PC), they show up as the_name_of_the_addon.gma. The GMA file is the file you need. What you have to do is go to the workshop and find the workshop ID (which you can find in the URL of the page you’re browsing, i.e. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=280384104 The ID here would be 280384104) and rename the .gma to ds_<workshop id>.gma. Don’t copy the <> brackets, those just mean that you have to place your information there.

Here’s an example:
You subscribed to the plugin Battlefield 4 - William Dunn.
The .gma file in your Garry’s Mod directory will be named


The ID of this addon, is as you can find in the URL (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=280384104), 280384104.
Copy the .gma file to your server’s addons folder using FTP, and rename the addon to ds_280384104.gma. As soon as you did that, restart your server and the addon will work.

Before your clients (player) can play your server without seeing errors, you must make sure they are subscribed to the correct addons. You do this by creating a file in your Garry’s Mod directory. The correct path is:


You can name the file whatever you want, but for simplicity, just name it “workshopdownloads.lua”. In the file called workshopdownloads.lua, you have to write a few lines to make your players download the correct workshop addon.

resource.AddWorkshop("<workshop id>")

One of these lines, per workshop addon. So, in our example, this would be:


This way players joining your server will download the correct addon and no one will see errors!