Download from

The download on don’t start?why?i wanna to add more things to my gmod.
Thanks anyway.

If it has the “Connecting…” thing up in the tab you’re in and a loading circle type thing next to it in IE8, I know what you’re talking about. Just get Mozilla Firefox; worked for me.

Getting Firefox solves a lot of problems.

(a main one being that problem people have when they realize they don’t have a kick ass browser. Like Firefox)

only at i cant download,look what happen…

“O servidor demorou muito para responder.” = I don’t have answer from

why it?

I think that means it is taking too long to respond [my translator (Babel Fish), didn’t know what “demorou muito” meant].

I just tried downloading a random file off the .org, and I got the save menu. I tried on Firefox, and IE (idk what number), so I don’t know what the problem is

What browser are you using?

mozila firefox


I’m trying to download this file >

and nothing DDDDD:

Works for me.


also works for me