Download game every time it starts up

Just wondering if this is normal with unity? It takes around 3 minutes or so to download a bunch of stuff every time I go to play the game, are these just updates or is this how unity works?

prolly both, i dont see a problem with waiting 3 mins? D:

For me it takes less than loading in WarZ so i see no problem here,howewer before the website update my loading was also slow

Why the hell would you buy WarZ?

It’s honestly not that bad. The worst part about it is the community which is the same kind of people in this game.

its becoming good with updates, but we’re not here to talk about WarZ

Back on track here people, i have a 330k connection and it takes a balls load of time each time. literally its like 15 minutes :confused:

This happened to me, I have shit internet so it took 30+ minutes to load.

I was using chrome when it happened, but loading the game in firefox seems to save the files so I don’t have to redownload.

Trying now!

Hammerpoint Studios is the problem, greedy and doesn’t hold what they promise.

I use firefox but the unity webplayer isnt caching the 300mb download and i only have a limited bandwidth so every time i play my internet gets closer to being caped

As expected, some Internet Access Provider get problems with this game, probably like youtube got.

I got 2 different FAI, one is at 2.6Mb/s (20ms ping generally) download max and it take like 5 min to start the game, the other one is at 600KB/s (80ms ping generally) download max and take 30 sec to download the game.

It can be a problem, this post is here for show it I think so don’t come for talk about other game or other things, ty.

If it’s possible to less download on the final version of the game, it would be better, if it’s not possible, plz at least don’t pollute this thread.

I usually have to reload rust after a big crash or update. I think it may be something to do with unity, when unity crash’s i seem to always have to re load the game…

Can’t their be some sort of save system??

Because it sort of suck’s in my situation only having 5gb a month on my phone…
I rather not chew up downloads for repetitive updates.

This post was from before we reworked the loader ( i think ).

The loading bars are a bit misleading because it includes the extracting progress. There are only a few files that are above standard caching file size which can download frequently when you go to play. You can kind of tell when its actually downloading when you see only 5 bars moving while jobs below are idle ( since unity will only download from 5 active streams ), and when you see the whole board light up its just showing the extraction progress. If it’s working right you would only notice it downloading when we put updates out.

That said, its up to your browser to cache the game files, it could variate depending on how much free space you have as well. We try to keep the download bundles under 4096 bytes which passes on most browsers. The few bundles that are above the limit generally have one file ( usually a large texture ) that we currently can’t split into a separate bundle.

I’m not going to criticise you for relying on a mobile phone connection because I know the broadband situation in much of Australia really sucks, but perhaps you should consider that alpha testing a 3D FPS over a mobile connection with a 5GB bandwidth cap isn’t the smartest idea because of the realities of an alpha test.

My 3G phone internet of 70kbs-150kbs :smiley: works fine for this game… (better if on aussie server)
However it’s an alpha hence it’s good to shine light on big issues as well as the little ones :wink:

I can extend my novice 5gB but i rather not if i don’t have to…

Thanks for your opinion :wink: