Download Gmod Wiki Lua stuff for Offline use?

Anyone knows how?

No sir, i have no idea what your talking about what online stuff?

He wants the wiki ( offline, but i am not sure if it is possible, if it is i would like to know also.

Impractical and possibly improbable. The sheer size would take hours.

If you want the LUA section i have a backup on my HDD if you want?

What type is it, all functions in gmod? Please upload!


Here is my back for ease of use made just 2 days ago!

Compressing (done)
Uploading (Done)

Files: 3300 Html files! < THIS one has probably expired so scroll below of the non expiring one! (adziscents)
First 20 users!

Awesome, thanks!

Not really since you could do what wikipedia does and offer SQL dumps

Im sure there was a VERY OLD mod that converted the wiki into pdf, but its getting updated daily so would it be worth it?

True, forgot about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Alternatively, you can set up a simple WampServer, edit the PHP ini here and there, install MediaWiki, and export/import the pages with this:

and this: (Which is restricted to admins only on the GM wiki, doesn’t matter anyways)

At least, that’s how I did it. Such a shame that for some odd reason, games in steam refused to boot in offline mode. I couldn’t get any work done.

Oh, and exporting takes about two minutes. Importing takes about ten minutes or so. The file you’ll get (an XML file) is about 2 megs in size.

If I can find the .txt I made with a list of all the Wiki titles, I’ll upload it and post a link.


Better yet, here’s the XML file I have that I used for my version.

I exported it last august. You can find the changes yourself, other than that.

Good job

Reupping this on a premium for no expiration.


It only took 40Mins!

Also just a waning I cant make sure ** ALL ** of the pages work only the thumbnails will show and then only thing to be 100% there is the
Lua functions I cant say anything else.

Mirrored on my server, since crapidshare sucks balls:

My god why is this so popular?!?
I just did it so I can lua code on holiday and now all needs it!?
O and FYI this version is 1 week old.
so some new stuff may now of been downloaded.