Download Issues with Workshop and Server

Okay, I’m totally lost here. For the longest time I’ve been using an autorun .lua file to force downloads of all the necessary addons for my server using resource.addworkshop(“ID”).

I added some new content yesterday and forced downloads of the necessary addons, but clients connecting to the server complained of long download times. Turns out, they were downloading the new models from the server (not fastDL) and not getting the addons that they are supposed to.

I set sv_allowdownload to 0 so they shouldn’t be able to download anything from the server, but they still can. To try and replicate the issue I deleted and unsubbed all the addons on my local machine and tried joining the server.

The status bar at the bottom skips over “Mounting addon #00000” very quickly like it usually does if it’s already installed, and makes no attempt to actually download these addons. My local addon folder is still empty at the end of it. After it completes workshop, it then tries to download every addon I’m running directly from the server.

I knew nothing about making a gmod server a few weeks ago, I know only a little more now. Any help you could give me would be great as this is really doing my head in!

Okay, anyone having the same issue, I made a noob error.

Sync your server files with your fastDL server, some control panels let you do it automatically, otherwise manually copy all your addon files to your fastDL server. Make sure your fastDL server URL is correctly set up. Set sv_downloads to 0. That’s it! You should be able to navigate to your fastDL server with your browser and see the file structure- that means it’s working.

It was trying to download from the ‘normal’ bit of the server, which has a capped download speed- it MUST download from the fastDL server!

Any why wan’t workshop working? Christ knows.