download mirrors gone?

all i see is download file.

Looks permanent since the code isn’t actually commented. Either that, or the links would have actually worked.

Yeah I noticed only 1 link is there now

Noez, that’s bad

I don’t think this would be a huge concern, since I use the first download button for 99.9% of the occations anyways

Aw, Mirror 2 was always the fastest for me. :saddowns:

This button using Mirror 2, so…

And how can you tell that?

This is not fair i wont be able to download anything ever again! Mirror2 was the only one my “browsers”
(Explorer7/Chrome) could use and now its gone… There must be Some way to get them to set it back

I use Opera and i’ve seen the mirror.
Captain Obvious

idunno, faster dl speed?

As of what I have heard is that he combined the mirrors together and it selects the source closer to you and so it is suppost to download faster.

the reason garry did this is maybe because some people were asking in the commnents of various files “what button do i click” so that must be why

I guess noobs were getting confused of what to click and they complained.

same here :C

Mirror 2 was really fast.

Same over here, even though i have a fast connection, mirror 2 appeared to be somewhat faster for me.