Download ONLY the current map.

Is there any way to make clients download ONLY the current map that is being played using FastDL?

This happens already. FastDL only makes the user download current map.

Strange, on my server it is making the client download every single map that we have.

remember that you dont need to resource.AddFile maps

Make sure sv_download is set to 0 too.

And make sure you haven’t!

Why is that? Don’t people need to download the maps?

I added this into the ‘server.cfg’ Can I ask what does this exactly do?

If you do resource.AddFile(“mapnamehere”) then of course they’re going to download all the maps. Don’t include it because it will have the download the map you guys are on already.

sv_download 0 disables the default slow download done directly through the game, capped at like 20KB or something silly slow. You don’t need this when using FastDL.

You don’t Resource.AddFile maps because the client has to download and have all files added to those lists before they can connect.

If you simply don’t add the maps to any download list the game and server is smart enough with fastdl to send the current map.

Hey, I basically had the same problem all is fixed, it’s just i put sv_downloadurl “url here” and i put the map file in my server. The download is going really slow. the map is 67thway. I made a bzip file of the map in the url download and only a bzip one. Do I need to make a bsp and bzip one for the url download and just make a normal bsp for the server? You don’t need to awnser~ Thanks in advance.

You need to have the map on your FastDL server as well.

I know Garry mentioned that Maps are automatically downloaded from the Workshop; I’d assume that it’s done automatically for FastDL too.

IF you don’t want the player to download anything, except the current map, then don’t use resource.AddFile/AddSingleFile, etc. Maps should be automated.

If it’s making the client download ALL of the maps; something is telling the client to download all of them.

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“Set sv_svdownloadurl to the appropriate value and ensure sv_allowdownload and sv_allowupload are both set to ‘1’.”

That’s for CS:S. For GMod, you want sv_download set to 0.