Download Screen Progress Bar

I must be a total noob, but how do you set up your server so that every file you download fills up the progress bar on the download screen?

Like if I were to download a map, the progress bar shows the percentage completed of that map.

I hate it when people disconnect because they think the map is too big, when in actuality it takes like 20 seconds to download.

It seems to count how many files there are instead of the size.


1 Map = 9MB - 20 seconds
10 Lua files = 1MB - 2 seconds

Total = 22 seconds

Once the map is completed 90% of the amount you download is complete, yet the bar only shows 10%.

That would give you the impression that it would take 220 seconds to download everything.(3 minutes and 67 seconds for those who can’t do maths)

I’ve connected to other, more popular servers and they seem to have enabled this. Is it a command in the config?

I’ve searched this list but I can’t seem to find it.

Don’t think there is a way, it just seems to happen depending on how the server is set up, direct download or fast download.

I downloaded their map rather quickly so I don’t think it was direct.