Downloadables table / TDMCars color

Hello everyone,
I had some issues with my garrysmod server.

  1. I have a lot of files and adding all of them through the resource.AddFile results in this warning
    Warning: Table downloadables is full, can’t add some file.
    I read that the max size of downloadables table is 8192 but I am only adding ~5000 files (When I’m using resource.AddSingleFile())
    So I would like to see what’s in the downloadables table to check where the other 3000 entries come from, is there any way to print the downloadables table?

  2. When I change the color of the TDMCars to black (through code or the color tool) the car becomes dark green, is this a tdmcar issue or is it a local problem with my files?

Thanks for your time reading this :slight_smile:


I think the downloadables table was decreased to 4096.

Well, that sucks… Atleast I know why it is full now :smiley:
Thanks for your response anyways :slight_smile:

Its not black because of the car’s material properties. A problem with TDMCars.

Is there any way to fix this?