Downloaded ragdolls not showing in Multiplayer

I just opened my Garry’s Mod server for multiplayer, so im a bit new to this. i am able to use the HL2 ragdolls just fine! but i wish to use some of the Pokemon ragdolls to play around with on my server for future GMod videos. but it wont let me spawn the ragdolls when i click it the icon. same thing applies to my player model. this works on Single player.

how do i make it so i can have these downloaded Pokemon ragdolls & player models available to my friends on Gmod when they join the server? or, what do i have to do to make this possible?

instead of having Kleiner or Alyx ragdolls, i want lets say, Groudon or Dragonite ragdolls; & instead of a Kleiner player model, i want my Rukario player model. thats what im saying.

thank you!

You ask the owner of the server to install the ragdolls and playermodels. (which usually never happens ever)