downloaded server lua

Hi, i was just wondering if their was any way to get the lua files you download when you connect to servers. I have looked for them and i found them in lua_temp but all the files wear empty.

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps<steam name>\garrysmod\garrysmod\cache\dua

They’re pretty messy to look through. If you want to view dua files to code steal then I suggest not only will it mean you do not learn anything it will make people look at you negatively.

However if you’re wanting to look at them for other reasons, then whatever.

i am trying to set up a nox csc without being on one of their servers

You won’t be able to do it.

ye but the all the nox gamemodes were leaked you just need too know where too look

Unless Jetboom has released it (like he did mario boxes) why don’t you just be respectful and not host his leaked code from the recently fixed Steam exploit?

Make something yourself.

i just want to chat to people in csc with out being on nox, whats soooooo wrong with that , its not like the game mode or anything , its just the server chat, i can make shit my self , thats not why i want this, i need to know how they setup inter server communication so i can do a csc

You can’t, because you will only have half the working code.

Technically none, as CSC has nothing to do clientside.

:< , well thanks for the help anyway… any one know wear i can get that leek?

oh, i found it :< , it doesn’t have what i am looking for :< well i guess i will never get my own csc Y_Y

Nox has been leaked. If you didn’t know, Along with kuroscript etc.