Downloaded skins in MP ?

OK so i downloaded some skins and i put them on and i killed my self and it worked right.

So then i went onto one of my fav servers (Before i was metro police skin the one that you don’t need to download) and i was plai old freeman the police one did work though…
Any ideas?

Uh…can you clean this up it’s hard to understand what you’re saying. But from what I can decipher you downloaded a skin and killed yourself in singleplayer to see if it worked. Then you went onto one of your favorite severs and became a CP with the regular CP model. And then you were Plai old Freeman the one did work though.

Right ill go into detail now sorry D:

OK so i downloaded fallout 3 Player skins right?
OK so then i went into Single player and selected that skin to use (Q/Options/Player/Model/Teslapowerarmour)

Then i checked if it worked (By killing myself twice)
And it worked in Single Player.

So then i went to GMR Server (Garrysmodracing) and i was MrFreeman (The white doctor person?)
So i logged out and put on the Police skin (Q/Option/player/models/police) and logged back on and that worked fine i wasn’t the doctor person i was the police person.

Very sorry i was in a hurry when i did first post

If the server does not have the player model you have, you cannot use it there.

OH OK thanks i wonder if they have any other ones ill have to have a look