downloading addons

can you get virus from downloading addons?

Not all of them, some people place malicious files in some addons, but it’s very rare as they get taken away very quickly.

If you use, you will probably not get a lot of viruses. Just used trusted websites when downloading addons and you can barely find a addon with a virus in it.

99% of the addons dont have viruses

There is something we call a LUA virus, but it’s not a “VIRUS”, it’s bad coding in an addon (or something similar) that breaks Gmod, until you remove it (possibly causing you to reinstall, but it’s still not a computer virus)

Have you ever heard of the “scary gman virus”?

If you really are dumb enough to open an .exe file you don’t know what does, you deserve the virus.

If you’re talking about viruses that can fuck up Gmod, who cares? You can easily clean gmod by renaming the garrysmod folder to remove lua viruses.