Downloading client content.

When I add an addon with resource.AddWorkshop it downloads to the client but it seems like it doesn’t mount. For example - I add an addon with a weapon to the server collection and add a line in server autorun file with resource.AddWorkshop (“ID”). After that I connect to the server, loading frame at bottom left tells that I am downloading this addon. When I finally connect to the server I can see an error instead of weapon model - I need to manually download it from workshop. Is there any way to fix this?

I have been experimenting with this for a little time, used a custom addon with simple .png file and resource.AddSingleFile (). In this case the addon downloads from the workshop and the .png downloads directly from the server (at really low speed about 20kB\s) right after that. Do I miss something important about client addon download?

Is the addon mounted on your server?

Yes, if you are talking about +host_workshop_collection.

Well, did anyone else meet this problem? I thought that it is a very common issue.