Downloading Gamemodes

Is it possible to download a gamemode from a multiplayer server for use in single player. There are some gamemodes that I can’t find a download for that I’d really like to play in singleplayer.


It’s hard-coded into the game, in the game-mode there will be lua files labeled with a prefix of “cl_” this is a tag to tell the game to allow the client to download this when they join a server, and it allows a game-mode’s author to keep their work to them selves because they might sell the game-mode, or they simply don’t want others to posses it and its “secrets.” but if this block of nerd scared you, no you cant do it.

That is not exackly true. You don’t need a cl_ to tell the clients to download it.
You can add any clientside files from the server using AddCSLuaFile(“nameofluafile.lua”)
Anything that haven’t been added with either resource.AddFile() or AddCSLuaFile() will not be downloaded by clients and will remain on the server.


You made me lol.