Downloading garrysmod addons

I’m having trouble downloading things from , Well I have to sign into steam but now that I do it , It says I have to go to my email and click a link and type in a code , But the problem is , I can’t get in my email , It seems That After A while if you do not use your email it does not let you back in , So now I can’t download gmod addons , What Do I do?

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Can anyone help me?

You know it is really annoying, If you type, Like this, You know.
but, please give proof that you actually own to game, or did you download it (not buy)?

He probably has Steam Guard on, thats why it asks for a code.

As Knoxed said, turn off the Steam Guard and try again. To do that, go to Steam>Settings>Click "Manage Steam Guard Account Security…>Check the box "Disable Steam Guard (Not Recommended).

Hope this helps, please post if it did so others that have the same issue knows that this works.

I think you have bigger problems here, don’t turn off Steam Guard, though it can be annoying to enter the code, it’s a decent security system, contact Steam Support, and provide proof that you own the account, and they will change the email for you. This will stop issues down the road, if you turn off steam guard (Which I’m pretty sure you need to be able to get in your email to do) your account is less secure.