Downloading Toybox Items

Hey guys, I was just wondering if I could download the content from the Toybox in Gmod to my computer permanently instead of having to access the content thru the Toybox itself. I tried looking on for some of the stuff but I cant seem to find any of it. Most of them are SWEPs so it’s not a big deal but it’d just be a lot more convenient than having to search thru the Toybox every time I want to use them. THanks

Look at the file list in toybox and find the appropriate files in your garrysmod folder.

A trick you can do for the Toybox props and ragdolls, is to use the Advanced Duplicator on them and save the items in a folder that way.
I have a folder for the Toybox items with sub-folders based on what category they seem to fit in, they even can be used in multiplayer games.
Sadly you can’t do something like this for the weapons and entities yet, unless someone else finds a trick for those.