Downloading weapons

hello! i have a problem when i download weapons… i use Jzip and i going to and extract to addons … Then when i start the game . i cant find my weapons! i look on weapons . nothing there … i rebuild the all my stuff … nothing new … same shit with maps … i have download two maps some i can play and like 20 other maps i cant play :frowning: the map i can play is ragdoll slaughter maps the bouth of them i think… Please help! (Sry for my lauange)

Some weapons aren’t addons.
A majority, really.

But i have download like 20 weapons … and they are the normal weapons evry1 download like halo guns , haax weapon , and knives :confused: i hve downloaded winrar but when i download weapon jzip comes up anyway … help again?

Work on your English

maybe i should but them in another map then weapons?


im 12 years old and am from sweden … of course i work on my english all the time

Notice that thread on the top of Help & Support? Go there, theres an FAQ.