Downloads don't stick

When I join a server and have to download the lua files, it seems like they don’t download what so ever. I tried clearing my cache, downloads, and downloadlists.

Some just don’t.

If it’s a server you use regularly, install the addons it uses manually.

I can’t install them manually, they have never been released.

Which servers does it do this on?

Because I heard some have a special set-up that doesn’t store downloaded files, in cases such as a server-exclusive gamemode that the creators don’t want to be stolen and mirrored.

It’s drunkies pub. Well I could get ULX that’s on the server but there are other addons that I don’t even know.

Big files like models never download to save bandwidth on the server.
Lua files may download if the one who made the addon makes them download.


That’s a good thing. Means no one can steal their private addons (which makes their server unique and therefore all the more fun).

well, they only files that try to download are lua.


But how can it be fun when you can’t even play?

Well, it’s actually happening to every server I join, I can’t download anything from any server anymore.

Run down of what I have done:

Renamed garrysmod folder
verified cache integrity
deleted gcf and reinstalled garrysmod
converted back to the original UI


Try Options -> Multiplayer -> Allow all downloads