Downloads for my server are soooo slowww. Just want adv dupe but doesn't download.

So I set up my server a few days ago. People can download maps fairly quickly. But when I added the small sized advanced duplicator to the server it doesn’t load. Ever… It’s 27/28 small files but for some reason it won’t download. Please help.

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Problem is sorted. Just a little bit of messing around. Sorry to people that wanted to know. But I’m not exactly sure what I did. So I’m not comfortable saying what a actually did. In case it’s wrong. Admin please delete this thread.

Lol, I had that problem for like 2 hours ago. and I was using Fast DL to (if you know what that is, if not get it). but find out that I had to delete a file on my ftp server called default.php and then my server went from slow to super FAST. :smiley:

If you don’t have fast dl/fast download. see this link :