Downloads not working

Alright, so I’ve tried everything, and I want to download these Modern Warfare 2 hexed models. I’ve downloaded them, their not working, I’ve tried again and again and it ain’t working.
It happens to some of my other downloads too, it doesn’t appear, so I don’t know what to do and I need help.
Hopefully it’s painfully obvious and I’m just retarded. Thanks.


Any suggestions?


Any suggestions?

Were they in addon or normal form? Where did you install them? Did you read the readme if any came with the pack? Did you try the Browse… ingame?

Yea, I tried everything, there was no readme, they were hexed if that means anything. I tried the ingame browser, rebuild and everything.


they were also in addon form

Which was the name of the user?

I know a couple of guys that stole a MW2 Hexed pack from a friend and uploaded it, so the file might be corrupted.


The name of the user from which you downloaded in

it was by Holmess on His name is Jason278.
Heres the download, or the thing I’m trying to download.

heres his player thread on facepunch.


Alright I’ve tried downloading other things, and that doesn’t work either. It says I downloaded it, but when I start up garrysmod it doesn’t work. It works with some things and it doesn’t work with others. I don’t know why, but it’s startin to tick me off.