Downloads wont work.

Hi, I am Cybercub, and i have 1 problem with the garrysmod downloads.


Everytime i go in, click on a link to any of the downloads, then when i finally get to the page with all the comments and stuff, I click the download button, it says “You must Login to download”, So after i click on that, I wait… and wait… and wait… and wait… and wait… AND WAIT… then finally i check the time, excactly 2 hours later i get that stupid screen saying: “Unknown page”.

I don’t know what is wrong, i have restarted 4 times, and it still dosent work. I turn off the main power switch to everything, turn everything back on, nothing.

And this is the weird thing, it works with EVERY OTHER COMPUTER but mine.

Perfectly great, im trying to run a server and i can’t even download addons…

My question is, dose anyone know how to fix this?

Download it on another computer and transfer the files with a thumb drive?

Get a better browser, IE6 is old as fuck :colbert:

I have tryed it with, internet browser 9 and 8, i have used google chrome, and firefox, and STILL dosent work. Earlier i detected about 19 viruses on my computer, i deleted them, still no hope. :frowning: