Is there anyway to force downloads upon people on entry of a gmod server?

–My meaning of force downloading–
There is some content users will not download from the server, Im asking…Is there a way to MAKE them download this content?

–What I’ve tried
I want people to download a player model and the download goes into addons, so I threw it into addons. No luck!
I dispersed it among the files, still, no luck!
Yes, I put the stuff in the right place inside the server folders…I’m not a complete idiot.

Using resource.AddFile



Ok, Im having trouble with it!
Where do I add the informaton I want to be downloaded??
– Where do I add the resource.addfile stuff?

In a file you create in


Make sure it is a lua file.

Do I name it init.lua?

Even with this Im still having problems with the FTP people are still having to redownload petty little addons / gamemode files…so?