can anyone help me with why none of my downloads are showing up on the npc list or anyware atall on garrys mod its self im going through all the tutarials to try and do it different ways but none of them seem to work. can anyone plz help me asap?

Did you put the stuff in the right place?

yer i followed all the videos copied exactly what they all did put the files in the right places on the gmod bit on the extract thing and none of them work >.< :frowning: :confused:

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my only problem is that im on windows vista and all the videos are on either windows xp or windows 7 will that effect anything?

You know about the info.txt required, do you?

no wats that?

info.txt is a file in an addon folder that allows the folder to be read by garrysmod’s addon script adding to simplicity and organization for your garrysmod folder, if the uploader did not make one, the folder will not work in addons and will have to be put directly into the garrysmod folder

i have another question do u need he paid for winrar and also were do u extract npcs to and also were would it show up on the game its self

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ive got the npcs to work but im not sure wwere the weapons go thanks for all the help everyone has give me btw XD

weapons are in lua/weapons, you do not need the paid version of winrar

To come back to your starting question. Most addons, like NPCs, ragdolls, vehicles and more goes to “…garrysmod/addons” folder

If there is no info.txt it will not work. You may need to add the info by yourself: simply create a .txt-file just named “info”. You write the following inside:

“name” “”
“version” “”
“up_date” “”
“author_name” “”
“author_email” “”
“info” “”
“override” “0”

And of course you can add the addons name,author,description… like you want to.