I can’t figure out how to use sv_downloadurl.
I read everey tutorial i can find, but it still doent work.
Could someone help me with this?

If the following doesn’t work. LEAVE.

Use an online file server.

make a folder called orangebox
make a folder inside that called garrysmod
make materials, models, etc inside THAT
put all ur files are in ur websitez

use sv_downloadurl “ur stupid url here”

it SHOULD work

Now i get it, garrysmod shoud be first located in “somethingsomethingmiauwsomething/orangebox/garrysmod/”
Instead of “somethingsomethingmiauwsomething/garrysmod/”

However, we are still having problems.

And i dont get what to do with files; can i make sub-directorys?
like this: “something/orangebox/garrysmod/materials/crapinabox/cat/<material>”
or do i put them all in one folder?

And i dont get how to handle lua files.

Help me!