Downscaling Player Models

I ported some pretty large starships into gmod but traveling fast and far in them is pretty impossible, given the limited map size. I’m aware the models can be downscale, but these ships have tons of interior space, so players should be downscaled too…

I would appreciate some advice on the following.

  1. Can an entire player be player model be scaled down whille still retaining the same feel?

  2. Does gravity or any other environmental values need to be adjusted to normalize this?

  3. Is there some universal scale modifier for the various props, wire items, chairs, etc that I would want to use on the ship? I wouldnt want to have to recompile everything manually?

  4. What disadvantages might I encounter with an ant-size human on a thimble sized starship?
    -Would collsion be forcibly cheapened due to the size?
    -Would the engine, be more, lessed, or similarly stressed when dealing with such small props?

I understand that map size can never be increased, so I would love to know how to shrink everything as much as I can with as few sacrifices as possible. Please help


You would need to scale down the view and the hitbox, not just the model.

i take it your going to try to make the player smaller so you can add more rooms to the ships i take.

edit: can you rip some more ships and make custom briges and hanger bays for them plus is there anymore shuttle models ?

If it’s for gmod, then you can just recompile the models with a modified scale value in the qc. This will change the hitboxes too, so then you can use the new player hull binds for lua, to make the player view and bounding box smaller.