Downtown Freedom

Acouple of short videos I made on a roleplay server, I wasn’t intending to make them, just hit the record button when funny stuff started happening…

Half the footage’s audio played back as white noise, so I had to delete alot. What’s left makes no sense, but here it is ; 2 minutes long
I was playing as a lawyer, and witnessed a murder, so I showed the cops a photo of the suspect holding a shotgun, and asked the suspect if he’d pay for me as his lawyer, otherwise I’d testify against him. Then another lawyer shows up, and defends the suspect. A messy legal battle takes place that was difficult to understand, but it ended in a simple gunfight when the suspects drug labs are discovered underground.

I made a second video similar to the first, again on a roleplay server. 1 minute long
Just some hostage-taking and executions >:)

All filmed on the gmod.biZ roleplay server.

#edit# Just watched the Eagle and the Apple videos, and they share the same SAW soundtrack, lol. I feel like I’ve wasted my time.

wow its awesome dude make more!

Thanks, I don’t intend to make more, but if funny stuff happens while I’m online then I’ll be recording.

Acouple of other videos I filmed/edited, both about an admin(bjb126) who I followed around alot.
Video 1 (already been posted in this section) 5 minutes long
Video 2 4 minutes long
If video 2 is blocked in your country, please tell me, and which country you’re in.

Again, videos recorded on the gmod.biZ roleplay server.