Downtown is about to give me a seizure

This has only happened on rp_downtown_v2, so I suppose it goes here, but I keep getting this white flash every 6 seconds or so, and it’s driving me crazy. How do I stop this?

It’s the shitty Dark RP script. It’s been happening for years and nobody has bothered to fix it. It happens on every map with the Dark RP script. It has nothing to do with Rp_Downtown_V2

Okay, thanks anyway.

I’ve used DarkRP and have never heard of this.

It happens when you get laggy, you can turn it off with a command. Forgot what it was though.

Also used to happen to me with TacoScript, so you can’t pin it all on DarkRP

It happens to me on Tacoscript when I’m getting a particularly bad bout of lag. The screen freezes up, except you can still move around and see player names, door names and the like. It’s lag related, yours or the servers.

it might be something to do with the flashbang grenade in DarkRP, either way it’s not my problem.

Why does no one understand this? Delete the flashbang and its materials from your RealCS addon and you will stop getting white flashes. (btw, Pro, your a fgt.)

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What? He was saying that it wasn’t because of his map.

Hope my solution worked for you.

Not why I called him a fgt.

hey man why the harsh words