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I actually tried scenebuilding for more than an hour for once, so criticism is encouraged and appreciated.


That’s p good mang.

Damn, it looks great. Love the lighting and atmosphere.

Love it. Do you have a screenshot of scenebuild from another angle?

I love this. The effort from the scene building really shows off.
The blur feels a little out of place though because there is no particular subject. You don’t always need a point of focus, but at the moment my eye is driven to the corner of the building instead of anything below. I only point that out because there’s loads of cool things to look at in the scene, and it’s a shame that my eye goes straight to the building corner.

The fact that we have to reuse models like Rebecca and Zoey all the time makes me wish we had some more variety in the way of casual female citizens.

I would love to know what an ENUDES is though.

Love the lighting and grain, looks very cinematic.

While scenebuild is good, there’s a lack of focus. My eyes are all over the place.

Very good. This is far more interesting to look at than Russian soldiers imo.

While I agree there’s lack of focus, I don’t always think there should be a focus. I like my eyes going all over the place, finding their own focus.

I’m proud of you

Simply amazing.

Where did you get those cop models down there?

Yeah lemme take one.

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They’re RPD cops Bloo sent me a while ago.

the grittiness and that one gargoyle makes me think of gotham city

well the props ARE from a batman game

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some anyway like the building models

brings back some fond memories of vampires:the masquerade

good stuff mayne, but a bit blurry imo

Yeah, blur for me is just personal taste more than anything.

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I’ll do a full focus version tomorrow.

Pretty nice looking.

What about the road model?

Sorry if i seem demanding with these questions, everyone seems to have these models except me.:hammered:

i dont think thats a model on its own
its probably just some flat prop that he used a l4d2 road texture in his material stool or whatever

Actually both the sidewalk and road (which didn’t even end up in shot) are from this pack.

It’s pretty handy.