Downtown map lag

How come everytime i join a server that is on any downtown map, i have 9 fps and its super laggy. Is it the server? But its almost every single server that is on a downtown map.

Probably the gamemode, I assume it’s DarkRP.

Computer specs?

Yes dark rp, i think the gamemode just sucks lol

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AMD Phenom™ II X6 1045T Processor
Nvidia 460 gtx
8.00 GB RAM
1397 GB- HD
650 watt power supply

Just asking, are you using drugzmod?

I dont think i am, cause i have no idea what that is. haha

As for the automatic assumption that the server you are trying to join runs DarkRP; The reason this is so is because people are spawning a bunch of entities and props and wired SHIT which lags up the map and the admins are too lazy to go through the map and clean up any spam that could be causing it.

Join another server.

I know for a fact its not my computer i just spent like 1000 bucks into it, also its pretty much almost all the downtown maps that just run really bad. Happens to my friend to, i wish people would just make the map like rp_c18, thats the best running map that i know of, and its awesome.

There is apparently a missing area portal in the elevator shaft which would cause you to render the area above and below ground constantly.

Interesting that may be why i get 9 fps when i get into the elevator… lol