Doxxing on New York 1.

Someone on New York 1 is threatening me, and I’m sure he’s threatened others, with doxxing them. He already found my name, families’ names, address, phone numbers, and no social media I own has any of that information. So, any way to ban this dude, or report him to Garry so that Garry can inform local authorities? Anything able to be done here?

I’m going to be posting this on Reddit as well, and also I tweeted at Garry and Rust Hacker Reports just in case.

Gotta love gaming communities :smiley:

You’ve put your full name in your Facebook, YouTube and Twitch links on here…

Yes, but my address? House phone number? My families’ names, whom I don’t have added?

Dont play on new york 1 then?

That will definitely remove my, my families’, my girlfriend’s, and my girlfriend’s families’ information safely from any potential website that contains it. Also, it will definitely prevent him from acquiring any valuable information such as bank info or Social Security Number.

Good advice…

Not providing leverage for social engineering/internet detectives in the first place is all you can really do. Not using same names/avs everywhere, no RL info for general public.
Dumb that anyone should need to take precautions, but the internet’s full of very broken people.

Wow, the things people do over games. I always knew that Rust community had lots of toxic people but this is some next level shit.

Well I mean, if you don’t want him to dox you, stay away from him?
Its not hard to understand that if you stay away from someone, they will eventually forget about you.

garry has nothing to do with this, it’s a matter between you, the newfag and the cops.

it’s a shame that idiots feel the need to threaten people over a game; actually it’s a pretty good sign of the quality of their character in real life. but the only way to deal with it is A) don’t make it easy to find you online. the less details you give in public profiles the better. B) record everything they say/do. it’s unlikely the appropriate area of your police service can do ANYTHING, but the more evidence you have, the more chance you have of them being able to do something. C) don’t feed the troll. typically these dumb fucks are purely after a thrill/power trip. they aren’t worth the time or the concern. most of them will get bored pretty quickly if you don’t give them that power/reaction they seek.