Body from a Bugatti Veyron combined with tracks. By me and Enginekrazy

Very Neat.

Looks more like a Combat ready Car than a Dozer :downs:, How fast does it go?

No idea actually…

It needs a underside to it, i can see up its skirt. :v:

Yeah the original was actually EXTREMELY smooth compared to the dupe we were working with. One of the motors decided not to dupe properly at all so it set some things off.

We never really tested out the speed but I’d say it was going atleast 25 MPH.

Here’s the original.
Still working on it…but we basically stripped the sides and all that and added tracks

“hurr lets drive this off a ramp, mountain, ledge, and numerous other elevated objects and record it :D”

in other news, pretty cool cadozer

hmm i had a starge urge to shout DOZERGATTI PAYLOAD oh fuck…it sounded good in my head…honest

Cool, but the scale is way off

make two tracks for each side i wonder if it would become more realistic n shit just wondering

its too big

A real Bugatti is like half the height of a person, why would I want to build a tiny ass car in Gmod.

because when its big it looks stupid

I personally think that scale is EXTREMELY important and spend atleast an hour before building, setting up phx plates ensuring perfect scale

when I finish/post my kubelwagen you will see what massive diffrence it makes


hunta is right

I actually made some tracks to go on it like that but we ended up just using the dual tracks. Perhaps we’ll try the quad tracks sometime.

My god.
What kind of drugs did you take?..

It seems a tad bit prone to spazing out, otherwise: Oh shit, I’m scared of that thing.

whatt, those tracks look odd, but the body looks great, loving it man gj.
But i agree with teh hunta and woodchuck, scale should be an important factor in your contraptions.

my mother gave me beaver tranq as a kid