DPanelList [Autoscroll]

Hey guys,

i having a big problem with my ChatBox.
I used DPanelList to list all chatmessages, but when i try to move the VBar to the button it works for less than 20 items.
After 20 Items it wont scroll down anymore and you need to move it on your own.

What i want it to do:
Whenever a new Item / Message has been added the VBar have to move to the last item in the list.
And how to hide the VBar?

My Code:

ChatBox.log:ScrollToChild( ChatBox.log )

ChatBox ist the DFrame
ChatBox.log is the DPanelList

function PANEL:ScrollToChild( panel )

local x, y = self.pnlCanvas:GetChildPosition( panel )
local w, h = panel:GetSize()

y = y + h * 0.5;
y = y - self:GetTall() * 0.5;

self.VBar:AnimateTo( y, 2, 0, 2 );


How it looks like:


You can just set it’s place manually via Scrollbar:SetScroll( Number SetScroll )


Gonna try that