DPFilms Characters Pack


Watch the trailer:

A pack of 5 original characters created by Deviant Pictures Films.
-Advanced shading
-Advanced physics
-Separate props for bodygrouped stuff
-Dynamic Shadows support

Alex Portman - models, textures, original design
Patrick Hunt, Evil Garlic - help with modeling and rigging
Frederic - beta testing, 3rd screenshot


Part 1/2:

Part 2/2:
http://dl.dropbox.com/u/31627527/DPFilms Characters Pack part 2 of 2.zip

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[Patch For SFM users](https://dl.dropbox.com/u/31627527/Releases/Stella SFM patch.rar)

Good job DP Films.

Sexy presentation.

Middle guy looks so villainous.
He’s in the rank’s such as dr.doom, so awesome.

Waiting for this

Hey I really liked the leather glove texture you have on that Fallen guy, would you mind if I used that texture for a future model? I’d give credit if I were to release it of course.

juicy models you got there

The trailer and models were so well made that I have to download it.

Holy shit…

Really nice release.

But garrymod.org refused to work for me so I can’t download it.

Wow… Just wow…

I expected this to be as less hype-generating than the HD metrocop, I was wrong.

Nice, man!

That was a very nice trailer!

Got my download, btw what is that trailer music from?

Nice, you must have put a lot of work into these models they look beautiful.

Very nice models. Thanks a lot:smile:

I’ve been waiting for you to release these. Nice work.

Wow, incredible job! I assume these models were originally from Sin Episodes: Emergence?

Christ, they look amazing. Again, stellar work guys!

I downloaded this as soon as it was aviable. AND IT KICKS ASS!

Damn good job! Damn good!