Dr. Breen Voice MP3s

Hey guys, i need all of Dr. Breen’s mp3 files for an upcoming project im making called “Breen’s Day Off” it may become a series. So, would any of you like to help me find MP3 Files?


It’s in the GCF.

The thing is, i dont know how to work with GCF files.

Use gcfscape :slight_smile:

Download GCFScape (and all the .NET frameworks if you haven’t already). Open it, and use File > Open to browse to the GCFs.

It’s like WinRAR from here.

I’m sorry to be stubborn, but can someone just upload all the sound files in mp3 or wav format and send me the link. That would be much appreciated…

No. It would be warez.

Besides. You already have it.

Read my post about GCFScape and do it.