dr. fetus model

yes, i know apoc made a meat boy model pack already, but he forgot someone very important.
that’s right! it’s our favorite fetus in a tux, dr fetus. I was wondering if someone who has experience with modeling could tackle this. just one question i have left, and this is for apochedgie, why did you not make dr. fetus? i understand if it was too much work or time constraints.

i see there are some very loyal fans of apoc who may think this is dumb. too bad so sad, you coulda had, the chance to say so, but your just a cad-D at a golf course,roamin’ and glowin’ and sittin’ on your high horse. as we all know your to chicken to be finga licken’ at a mcdonalds. your decisions make you a bad ronald! please excuse that horrid rap i made up, i’m really fucking bored