Oh…my…god… I saw this thing on toybox, got an idea, and jizzed. So first, here is what I saw, I saw Dr.Hax, and whenever I typed noclip or shot him, he’d chuck a monitor 500 mph at me, I laughed a little, then an idea came to mind, WHAT IF I could do that for some other concommands as well? Such as faphack and everything like that, and in my gamemode dr.hax will be scattered throughout the map.

My request is to find the download for dr.hax, or tell me how to download it, and ill modify it myself.

My secondary request is a script that spawns an entity where your looking, like the spawn menu, it cannot include the spawnmenu or toolgun or anything, just a concommand


ty, does it it require a trace?

So you are going to detect if someone is hacking and then shoot them with a monitor if they are? …lol

yea…does that not seem funny to you?

oops you cant reply your banned lol

What if they’re speed hacking. They’ve got you then.

I think you should just automatically ban them if you are hacking, not shoot a monitor at them.

Aswell as making them open loads of DHTML elements with gay porn on?

lol if they get caught hacking like 3 times or something it’ll ban them

Homing monitors.

Good idea :slight_smile:

I cant wait to time I go on a server, and the guy with the most kills and like zero deaths has a punch of monitors chasing him XD

Sorry for bump ^^ how do you know when someone used a concommand?

Uhm, real tired at the moment, but am also not, I’m on adrenaline.

if ply:ConCommand(“commandhere”)
or add to function cmd and like this
function something( ply, cmd )
print(ply:Nick()…" just ran command: “…cmd…” !

and erm… yeah. Good night.

That’s so incredibly easy to get past if it even works. BaconBot is strictly convars and the few commands there are won’t show up in the logs because baconbot overrides engine.concommand or something like that. Even if they are trying find the console commands you ran you can make it so they can’t see them without even using lua or C++ as far as I know.

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also just checking if they ran a command is retarded, all they have to do is add a 1 after each command and now they get by your hax machine. Make it so that if they run any command other then permitted ones, they get teh ban hammer