Dr. Heavyman


Thats really good!
Have a


Blur on the heavy ?!

Only on his neck and beard

The beard looks awful, but the idea is kinda cool. I like the skin.

Well, I don’t like the beard much too, but I’m too lazy, to draw in detail all hairs :slight_smile:

good show. stubble looks terrible, but the idea is pretty neat.

Mb, someone knows tutorial, how to do good stubble, except using the radial blur?

Deliciously awesome

His beard looks as though he’s placed a magnet in his mouth and is standing in a tub of iron filings.

You get a palette for creativity.

As for the picture, looks good cept for the stubble like everyone has said, also whats up with that random blob of blur on his chin?

Is a very cool idea!

He is good but static beard?